Whilst we love to be emerged in your creative side (and highly encourage you to do so) there are some guidelines that we need to stick to. 

Firstly, at NYK we appreciate and love that all bodies come in various shapes and sizes and are all just naturally beautiful. As such, we encourage you to not retouch any of your photos but instead flaunt and showcase the uniqueness and attractiveness of each individual.

Furthermore, if you are using models, you must have their approval to use their photos on our site and any associated links such as social media & any marketing materials. 

You can upload up to 10 pictures per product listing. To highlight your product, make sure you try to use different angles and include all the details. 

Each picture should be at least 800px x 800px or higher to be compatible for most screens and devices. 

To ensure consistency and tidiness throughout the site, we will adapt the main photo to be simply a product photo on a plain background. 

You allow us to adapt, change, modify, or remove any photo we deem necessary. 

All photos must be in colour – we unfortunately do not accept just black and white photos. 

Image collages, graphic mock-ups and photos which you do not own (i.e photos provided by the supplier) are also not accepted. 

Photo overlays such as text, graphics, logos or watermarks are a no no.