At NYK we do everything to ensure our customers have an awesome experience and are perfectly satisfied, regardless of who or where they are buying from. And that is why we have created the Vendor Standards. These standards outline a few house rules for Vendors in regard to the services they provide, which they need to abide by, in order to achieve that exceptional customer satisfaction we strive for. 

Whilst we have highlighted these standards, we also recommend and highly encourage you to do everything you can to ensure that your customers not only leave with your products but are also extremely satisfied. 



Whilst we like to support different businesses and their products, your products must be exactly that: yours – we do not allow any drop-shipping here. 

They also must be authentic – i.e. the description must match the product. Any specific details such as extended shipping times due to customisation, must be clearly advertised. Any false, misleading, or incorrect information regarding your products, could cause your business to be removed from the site.

Photos can be the deciding factor between purchasing an order or leaving the page and that’s why we have some guidelines to not only ensure consistency & tidiness throughout the site but also to help you convert potential buyers into paying customers! You can check out the guidelines here.


Is there any better feeling than receiving your order? So, we like to give that feeling as soon as we can. And that is why we have a 2-day shipping policy: as soon as an order is placed, you have two business days to send the order. Once sent, simply add the tracking number to the order and that is it! But remember, delivery and shipping fees need to be representative of actual costs; we do not tolerate excessive markups here.


Do you ever get frustrated with long wait times from customer service representatives? Who doesn’t?!  In an ideal world, we would have you respond to them immediately, but we are not silly – we know that’s just not realistic. So instead, we’ve implemented an 80:20 rule; 80% of all queries need to be resolved within 1 business day, with the remaining 20% within 3 business days. Failing to keep to these standards could have you removed from the site. But just remember this is to help you – the quicker your response rate, the happier your customers are and thus the higher your chances of making a sale!


We like our customers to be happy and stay happy. We also like our customers to be repeat customers. Whilst returns & refunds are dependent on your specific policy, we do require you to issue a refund or exchange, if the product(s) meet your policy’s necessary requirements. But don’t worry, you will have two days to issue the exchange or refund to the customer, from the day the goods were returned.


We salute those who do their bit to be more ethical which is why we created the badges & certifications in the first place: to highlight your wonderful achievements & good-doing behaviour. By displaying these badges & certifications you agree that these are a 100% genuine reflection of the product. Any false advertising of these badges and certifications will not only have you removed from the site but could have your details being passed on to the relevant authorities.


We take our security seriously, and so should you. You must have adequate cyberecruity including anti-virus and up-to-date operating and software systems etc. and protect and store all customer data safely and securely. Any data breaches need to be reported to Not Yet Known at the earliest opportunity.